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In March 2013 the DJ combo EATMYDISCO was founded - in April they signed with the label Audio
Safari. Already at the end of April their first track was released on Audio Safari „Ambs & May – Miami Flip (EATMYDISCO REMIX)“. 
How can this all happen so fast? 
EATMYDISCO is originated out of the well-known Hamburg based DJ collective,  which has been around for more than 20 years nationally and internationally. 
With time passing by, the musical taste of the guys changed and became more „mature“ – away from the mainstream electro house towards to true house music and melodic deep house sounds EATMYDISCO was born. 
Through their great existing network that they have built for years, credible bookings in credible venues came along fast, where EATMYDISCO could make a name for themselves and could easily convince due to their intuition for great music and love for true electronic sounds.
Pooca (Club / Hamburg), Baalsaal (Club / Hamburg), Waagenbau (Club / Hamburg), Groovement, Audio Safari Events

Radioshows – monthly every last Thursday 20-21h
HifiveRadio  - monthly every first Thursday 22-23h


Ambs & May – Miami Flip (EATMYDISCO REMIX), Audiosafari, April 2013
Jeromé ft. Ace Young – Don´t walk away (EATMYDISCO REMIX), Kontor, May 2013
Eatmydisco, Birkenlauber - Happy Grey (Original Mix) Amber Recordings, Mai 2019
Eatmydisco, Birkenlauber - I'm Getting Down (Original Mix) June 2021, Amber Recordings

more coming soon…

Burning Man Festival – DJ Scumfrog plays EMD Track: